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We perfectly understand the importance of your music to you, and that’s why we make sure that you will get to hear your music in the finest form and at most affordable prices with our extremely useful headphone reviews. If you are looking to buy a pair of headphones for you, but you are not sure what to lookout for in a headphone, you have come to the right place. We will provide you all the knowledge and information to enable you to shop for nothing but the best headphones for you. No wonder, we are the preferred destination for millions of audiophiles in the world before they make up their mind to buy a headphone. We cover all the major brands in our reviews so that you can select the best headphones for you by efficiently comparing their prices and features.

How Our Headphone Reviews Can Help You In Making A Perfect Decision?

It would not be wrong to say that headphone industry is evolving faster than ever before, with new and cutting-edge products making their way into the market every month or so. If you are a naïve’ headphone buyer or you do not possess some in-depth understanding about the components and functionality of headphones, there are chances that you will feel overwhelmed and confused by just looking at the sheer number of available choices. At the same time, with these many options, consumer is the ultimate king. You can get most advanced products at really competitive prices provided, but you have to do your home-work before making any purchase. This is exactly where our valuable and helpful headphones and earphone reviews step in to help you.

Save Time and Money by Purchasing Just the Right Pair of Headphones for You

Our excellent headphone review can enable you to narrow down your choices to a great extent based on features and price range. While reviewing headphones, we take into account many factors, such as build quality, features, affordability, aesthetics and sound quality, and how they are ranked against similar models from various other manufacturers in the same price range.

Why You Should Do Proper Research Before Purchasing Your Headphones?

Any audiophile or even an occasional music listener can totally agree with the fact that there is a great difference between the sound quality and the overall performance of different headphones available in the market. If the headphones are used for professional purposes, a wrong choice can even adversely affect the productivity of the music company. In case, headphones are used for just recreational purpose; lower quality headphones can greatly impact the listening experience of users in a negative way. Apart from these factors, wrong choice in headphones can waste a lot of money and time. Therefore, it’s often recommended doing a proper research before buying a pair for you. With our outstanding headphone and earphone reviews, we precisely help you to accomplish this goal.

Every headphone available in the market falls into one of the three categories, namely; best, mediocre and poor quality. When you look and hear the best headphone, you can instantly recognize its highest quality sound production technology and unparalleled comfort. These are commonly determined by sharpness and clarity in sound, sound range, sound balance and other high-end feature such as noise cancellation functionality and so on. Since all the headphones are devised with the main objective of delivering sound, sound production technology of any headphone should be top-notch to make it really outstanding.

Mediocre headphones are undoubtedly the best selling headphones in the market mainly because of two factors; affordability and their not so bad sound quality. These headphones do not boost of any outstanding and advanced features, but they can efficiently deliver what they are devised for. Most people prefer these headphones as they are less expensive and they are quite comfortable to wear. At the other end of the spectrum, you will find the largest variety of options in mediocre quality headphones to choose from. We will help you to make just the right decision effortlessly with our headphone reviews.

Comfort is another important factor that we consider while giving our headphone reviews. There are headphones that are extremely uncomfortable to wear and can even prove to be a health hazard. There are instances that require users to wear headphones for prolonged periods of time such as for DJ’ing and in call centers. Therefore, you should never overlook this aspect while making the final decision. The reason is quite simple; there are headphones that are excellent in all other aspects but are unbearable to wear. These headphones essentially come in poor quality headphones category, and you should avoid purchasing them at all costs.

Aesthetics is something that should not be associated with a device that is devised for listening to sound. However, we are living in style obsessed times, and aesthetically appealing headphones can make you look stylish and fashionable without much effort on your part. Well the good news is that most of the high-end and good headphones are spectacularly good to look at. Therefore if you succeed in purchasing a good headphone from a reputable brand, you can rest assured that it will be aesthetically stunning too.

We leave no stone unturned in order to make sure that you will be able to buy the best pair of headphones within your price range.

Bose QuietComfort 20

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Good afternoon or good morning wherever you may be. Today’s review will be on the newly released Bose Quietcomfort 20, also known as the Bose QC20.

Like with every review that I do, I will try to make it so that the general audience understands what I’m saying, so I’ll try not to be all “audio-nerdy” as possible. I’ll be reviewing how the Bose Quietcomfort 20 sounds, looks, and how good of a quality the headphones are.

I’m actually quite excited to do the Bose QC 20 review because, all the other previous quietcomfort lines from Bose had been over-the-head headphones, but they seemed to change their strategy and now offer their flagship model as an in-ear headphone, or earphone as you may call it. It’s quite interesting how trends and technology changes so fast. Well let’s get started on the review!

My Bose QuietComfort 20 Review

Simply put, the bose quietcomfort 20 has the best, and I mean the BEST noise cancelling I have ever heard on a set of headphones. Bose seems to have improved their noise-cancelling technology by a lot and I can say that it does wonders to block out outer noise.

The Bose QC 20 are specifically made for Android phones, Windows phones, and Blackberry, while the Bose QC 20i is made for the Apple series, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. I will be reviewing the Bose QC20’s, but they both should be relatively the same.

Design and Comfort

The first thing you that you’ll notice that’s different from the QC15’s is the size and type of headphones that they are.

These are specifically, in-canal, or in-ear headphones that have earbuds that are quite light in weight. The earbuds comes in three sizes and in an oval shape with a little half-arch kind of thingy that shapes with the contours of your inner ear. When I first put them in, I didn’t know if I was putting them in right or not. They seemed to not, well fit. But I soon realized that that’s the way they were supposed to fit. It’s like they’re not even there. Well after a few hours of use, you will notice, but when you first try them on, it’s actually pretty amazing at how light and comfort they were.

Bose has done a very good job on the fitting, because no matter what I did, the earphones didn’t come off. Bose states them as: “The tips sit in the bowl of your ear and use the ridge of your ear for added support.” They seemed to do the trick for me, and I’ll guess that it’ll work for many others as well.

The one thing that stands out pretty clearly, is the little black, remote-controller-like black box near the headphone jack.

This is the thing that powers the noise-cancellation. Now, all, or almost all noise-cancellation headphones need some kind of power to make it work, and this is bose’s solution to power the cancellation on these headphones.

I think they are a lot superior to the QC15’s solution, because for the QC15’s you need to use battery, whereas these are chargeable through a micro USB.

Bose states that the power supply should last about 16 hours of usage and can be charged within two hours. I think this is actually understated, because when I first started using them, I was able to last many days of usage, using maybe 2-3 hours a day.

Noise Cancellation

This is the beauty of these QC 20’s. Noise cancellation headphones usually work best when there are extremely loud noises next to you. They especially work well around machine equipment type of noises, such as airplanes, trains, air conditioners, chainsaws (I guess?), etc. They do have their limitations however. It doesn’t quite work well with human voices.

It does work, but human voices actually sound like whispers when I tried to test them. So human’s sound like they have a pillow over their mouth, while airplane drone noises don’t seem to affect the music inside the headphone at all.

Also, when it is completely silent, you can actually hear a little hissing from the quiet comfort 20. And when the noise cancellation is off, the sound seems to get a little muddy, especially the lows. So the dilemma you have here is whether to keep the noise cancellation off in a quiet room, but sacrifice the sound quality, or keep them on but hear the hissing noise. For me, I don’t mind the hissing that much, but some people seemed to be quite annoyed by it.

There is also an “aware” mode that you can press on the little black box and a green light will light up. This aware mode causes some sound to come into the headphones, because it is said that noise cancellation can sometimes be dangerous when you can’t hear any outside noise.

When we tested the “aware” mode, you can actually make out people’s voices when the volume is turned down, but it sounds kind of like a computerized voice. However, if the volume is up at a high enough level, even the aware mode won’t help you there.

Sound Quality of Bose QC 20

In my opinion, the Bose QC20 has a much better sound quality than it’s predecessor the QC15. It does however, lag behind some of the higher end headphones when it comes to pure sound quality. But if you are looking for noise-cancellation headphones, these are pretty much your best bet in terms of sound.

Bose states “Our TriPort technology and Active EQ combine to give your music a depth and balance that keep your daily soundtrack fresh and alive.” I have to say that I agree. The highs on these things are actually pretty good and they sound nice and crisp. The lows are certainly have good bass, but it just doesn’t sound as “punch” as aren’t as good of a quality as other high-end models. The mid’s are probably the weak point of these headphones, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t good. They are definitely on the better end, but to my ears they don’t seem to have as good quality as some of the other sets I’ve listened to.

Convenience and Travel

The Bose Quietcomfort 20 sure are a lot more convenient than having to carry around a heavy over-the-ear headphones. They are definitely light, and the lithium battery (that blackbox) doesn’t seem to get in the way that much. I just put it in my pocket along with my phone and it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

You can pretty much take it anywhere, and when using it on the plane, they are FAR MORE comfortable than the QC 15’s and it actually doesn’t feel like they are on. No more sweaty ears either!

The integrated microphone and volume rockers are also an awesome addition. Although at times when I would be walking I would noticed that “thumping” sound of the cables hitting my body when I walk. I mean it’s very, very unnoticeable, but I do have superhuman ears, so maybe it’s just me.

Conclusion of my Bose Quitecomfort 20 Review

So the bottom line is if you want a good noise cancellation headphone with great sounds, this is THE to-go headphone. These are, like I have said before, the BEST noise cancellation headphones I have ever used. There is pretty much no competition to these headphones when it comes to noise cancellation. With that being said, I hope you have enjoyed this review and if you are looking for noise cancellation headphones, I can’t recommend these enough. Thanks for reading!

Audio Technica ATH-M50


Today, I will be reviewing the Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones, which have been quite popular with audiophiles and music lovers alike.

The Audio Technica ATH M50 are closed back, over the ear headphones which provide very high-end quality-like sound for under $200. These headphones provide a ton of value for this price and are considered to be on par with some higher-end headphones.

These very good pair of headphones are a bit of a crave for music lovers everywhere, regardless of what genre you listen to because it is so diverse.

You may be able to do a little monitoring and maybe some mixing and mastering with the audio technical ath-m50s, but if you are a professional sound engineer, I recommend looking into some higher-end headphones for the best bet. But I still can’t deny how cheap these headphones are for the quality of sound that they provide. Audio Technica could probably sell these baby’s for $300 and nobody would complain.

With my audio technical ath-m50 review, the recommended use of these headphones would be for enjoyment, because they provide an all-around high quality sound that is very smooth to the ears.

Inside the Box

-Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones (of course)

-1/4” inch headphone adaptor

-Carrying case


-Choice of coiled or straight cord (I would recommend coiled if you plan to use these on the go, because the straight cord can be really long: 11 feet vs 4-10 feet)

-10 ounces or 284 grams

Sound of Audio Technica ATH-M50 Review

Highs 4.7/5: The highs are very clear on the audio technical ath m50s. You can basically hear all the cymbals, piano notes, and birds chirping if there are some without any harshness like some of the other pairs.

Mids 4.5/5: The mids were also very excellent on these headphones. Although it could be slightly recessed when compared with the highs and lows, they still sound very decent. Voices could be made out extremely clear, and even though they may not be the best for excruciating details, it’ll still sound as if an opera singer was next to you.

Lows 4.8/5: The bass is where this headphone shines. The bass is very “punch” and not “muddy” as you’ll hear in such famous headphones like Dr. Dre Beats. Muddy is where the sounds are over the top and punch seems to be just the right word to describe the bass here. It’s like having sub-woofers in your ears with excellent reverberation and no need for a bass boost.


Since these are closed back headphones, they do provide great isolation, even though they aren’t noise cancelling. If you bump up the volume loud enough, you won’t be able to make out outside noise. But, if you wear these in an airplane, some noise will leak in because that’s the nature of non-noise cancelling headphones. If you want absolute silence from the outside world while listening to your music, then noise-cancelling headphones is the way to go.

Leakage doesn’t seem to be much of a problem as well. The audio-technica ath-m50 does a very well job keeping sound in, unless of course you bump the volume up to like 120db.

Burn In

Like with all good headphones, this audio technical ath m50 pair needs to have a good burn in in order to live up to its full potential. A good 100 hours or so of different kinds of music will do wonders for this phone. The initial sound and the after burn-in sound are completely worlds apart. It’s like comparing an Olympic swimmer to a shark. No matter how fast the Olympic swimmer is, the shark is still way faster. Not only that but the shark bites with a massive BASS.

Comfort of Audio Technica ATH M50 Review

Depending on your head size, these provide some good comfort, but might be a little tight in the beginning. Right out of the box, for me these headphones were slightly tight for my big head, but after some usage and some stretching, all is well.

The earcups of the ath m50s were quite comfortable as well. It might get a little hot and sweaty on a really hot summer day, but other than that they are fine.


For this price, these are the probably the best quality headphones you can buy. I’ve had no problems whatsoever since I bought these headphones.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 is made mostly plastic and aluminum covered with some kind of faux leather. The plug is completely metal and should be nearly invincible. The cords are also extremely thick rubber and it should last decades to come, unless you intentionally try to cut them or something.

These babies can also be folded and swiveled to fit to your heads needs. It can fit heads of all shapes and sizes.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Trust me, for this price, these headphones are a bargain. They are amazingly headphones that provide quality all around. They may not be the best sets if you are a professional sounder engineer, but for monitoring and just plainly for music enjoyment, they are worth every penny. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at some of these Audio-Technica ATH-M50 Reviews on Amazon. People from all musical backgrounds love these.

Whether this is your first set of headphones or you are an absolute audiophile, you will still love the sounds that these headphones produce. I hope you have enjoyed my Audio Technica ATH M50 Review and best wishes to finding the right pair of headphones for you. Thanks for reading!